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Revolution in the management of LED video screens Revolution in the management of LED video screens Revolution-Tech ScreenShow, an advanced operating system for LED video screens, is the newest technology developed by Revolution-Tech. Its development resulted from the need to ensure maximum stability and ease of use in increasingly popular LED screens. The application was developed and is being consistently updated by the technology department of Revolution-Tech. Many years of experience has enabled the IT department to create another tool from the Revolution-Tech brand distinguished by high utility and functional values and equipped with a number of original solutions, i.e. EcoSync, EcoView, CloneSync, ActiveWatch, SMSWatch, Squad. The application allows for easy and intuitive management of multiple screens from anywhere in the world and enables combining them into groups. The application license is included free of charge for each LED video screen offered by the Revolution-Tech. A boxed version of the application will be on sale starting from October.
Bandy stadium offers LED-Tech Revolution Bandy stadium offers LED-Tech Revolution Offer of products based on LED video screens have been expanded and include high-quality multimedia stadium bands of pixel pitch between 16 and 20mm equipped with the U.S. AXT or CREE LEDs.
The birth of a new technology The birth of a new technology Trinity is a fantastic combination of modern technology possibilities with the advantages of a moving head. The light source here is a high-quality 14W LED, a power which is comparable with a 150W discharge lamp and the possibility of obtaining a full 24 bit palette of colors. The head is offered in a wash type version (spotlight) or in a hard spot version (moving head) with a choice of one of the ten available gobos.
Laser diodes power supply units Laser diodes power supply units After nearly a year of intensive research, countless trials, tests and experiments, the Revolution-Tech introduces a breakthrough amendment to its laser projectors. Typically polish and produced in Poland laser diode power supply unit was officially presented during the Music Media fairs held in Cracow. A number of solutions and high-quality components used in the power supply units significantly increase the stability and the reliability of projectors they are equipped with. And thanks to a multilevel safeguards the life-time of laser diode was also lengthened.
High-power LED modules High-power LED modules A novelty under the Revolution-Trech trademark are high-power HP-3x1WLED modules. This product is especially dedicated to lighting advertising coffers, large spatial letters, and to create intensely lighted ads. Thanks to a high illuminating power, the modules can also be used as an energy-saving light utility, decorative and effective lighting, as well as a single accent to create illuminations of buildings.
LED Empire in Sosnowiec LED Empire in Sosnowiec "Imperium" (Empire) is a club located in Sosnowiec, which recently underwent total modernization of lighting. Preparation and implementation of the project was fully subcontracted to Katowice's PartyTime group which, for this purpose, used only Revolution-Tech products. In order to create a multimedia background for a DJ and the dancers visualizing LED displays were used, between which Thunder PRO series lasers were deployed. An appropriate lighting of the console as well as thresholds lighting were carried out on stripFLUX-1x3 modules, which, in combination with the Revolution-Tech Neuturion LED controller gave an amazing effect. The lighting of the bar is equally interesting, giving the impression of a red-hot furnace. More information is available at www.partytime.pl and in the July issue of the monthly "Music and Technology."

LEDs - the new hotel's lighting quality

Light in the hotel was not only a practical function, but also decorative, highlighting the nature and purpose of the room. This can give just the LED. Experts say that high-quality LEDs go beyond the tradition...

Wedding Hall G-Kartering

Light as a decorative room....

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Neuturion LED Neuturion LED
Advanced LED lighting driver

Entirely developed and programmed with the cooperation of Polish engineers, artists, graphic artists and architects, it it an innovative and a prospective dr...

flexSMD ECO-60 flexSMD ECO-60
Flexible LED strip, 60 LEDs / m

Flex is a specific line of products which are based on a flexible tape with serially laid LEDs. It allows their assembly in places where it is necessary to h...

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stripSMD-2835-1x3 stripSMD-2835-1x3
Moduł LED na diodach SMD2835

Wodoodporne moduły LED, które chronione specjalistyczną żywicą przeznaczone są do użytku zarówno w instalacjach wewnętrznych jak i zewnętrznych. Moduły te oparte o bardzo wydajne diody typu SMD2835...

Downlight LED Slim 30W Downlight LED Slim 30W
Oprawa wpuszczana typu downlight LED

Oprawa wpuszczana typu downlight o mocy 30W i jasności na poziomie 2240-2620m oparta na diodach SMD2835 marki EPISTAR. Jej cechami charakterystycznymi są niewielka wysokość (zaledwie 32mm), smukły ...

Downlight LED Slim 24W Downlight LED Slim 24W
Oprawa wpuszczana typu downlight LED

Oprawa wpuszczana typu downlight o mocy 24W i jasności na poziomie 1750-2130lm oparta na diodach SMD2835 marki EPISTAR. Jej cechami charakterystycznymi są niewielka wysokość (zaledwie 32mm), smukły...

Downlight LED Slim 18W Downlight LED Slim 18W
Oprawa wpuszczana typu downlight LED

Oprawa wpuszczana typu downlight o mocy 18W i jasności na poziomie 1220-1400lm oparta na diodach SMD2835 marki EPISTAR. Jej cechami charakterystycznymi są niewielka wysokość (zaledwie 32mm), smukły...