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LED video screens - Polish version
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LED video screens

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LED video screens are a characteristic and integral part of the architecture of big and rapidly developing cities. Places where they are situated get a new touch and definitely gain more prestige and better visibility. With the undeniable advantages of LED technology, the screen’s operation is no way interrupted by adverse weather conditions. Very high brightness allows you to broadcast spots even on a very sunny day while a high degree of IP 65 protection ensures trouble-free operation during rain or snow. To date, screens have become a popular visual information media and a modern marketing tool. They are also used as stadium screens as well as stage and theatre lighting.

When considering the purchase of a LED video screen, much attention should be paid to some important factors that have a direct impact on its price and quality.

The most striking feature of the screen, defining its potential is the so called "pitch". Expressed in millimeters it defines the distance between the center of one pixel and the center of the next one. A reduced value of the pitch causes an increase in density of pixels in the screen and its greater specificity. The right choice of this parameter is crucial at a time when the site of installation and the purpose of the screen are already known. It is assumed that the pitch 30-40 is sufficient to display visualization and advertising subtitling, pitch 16-25 is the most optimum solution to in case of broadcasting external advertising spots, while the screens with a very small pitch are used in the interiors, where the video distance is relatively small.

Another extremely important step is to choose the screen size. Size should always be selected individually according to the video distance, at which we anticipate that it will reach the recipient. Most screens present in Poland do not exceed 15-30 square meters and are usually based on models of 20 or 25 pitch. If the size is 6-10 square meters, the best solution is to choose the model of 16mm pitch, which still allows the display of advanced advertising spots. It is also important to note that the minimum real screen resolution must be maintained at a level of at least 128x96 pixels. Lower resolution is used for banner advertising (single advertising slogans, simple graphics - as well as advertising on web pages), which do not require detailed specificity.

The calculation of the real resolution of the screen is shown in the example below, where the size taken into account is 5.12 x 2.88, and 20mm Pitch.

5.12 m / 0.02 (pitch) = 256
2.88 m / 0.02 (pitch) = 144

The resolution of such a screen is equal to 256x144 pixels.

In order for the screen's operation to be dependent of the sun light, it should be characterized by an appropriate level of brightness. The screen's brightness at 5000-7000cd is perfectly adequate and allows the display of advertising spots in all conditions.

It should be noted that the screens with a very small pitch, where the distance between the LEDs is minimum, are based on miniature SMD LEDs. Thier brightness is several times lower than the diodes used in screens of 16-40 pitch. And for this reason they are intented for internal use only.

Another factor that largely determines the quality and price of the screen is the type of LEDs used. The cheapest products are based on Chinese diodes with low efficiency (low brightness at the same amperage). These models often have a distorted amperage, which leads to frequent failure of LEDs reducing their lifetime by several times. This type of investment may thus soon prove to be wrong, while the screen will be a source of numerous problems instead of being a source of earning money.

The quality of Edison (Taiwan) diodes is better than that of the Chinese LEDs, while the American AXT or CREE or even Japanese Mitsubishi are considered the highest quality LEDs. It is worth mentioning that a pitch 2O screen has 10 000 LEDs/sq m. Thus, the LED type (i.e. manufacturer and LED price) have a significant impact on the final product price.

The stage of production of the LED video screen is also an important issue. The cold soldering is a popular and inevitable phenomenon in case of manually soldering screens. This causes stalling of some diodes. Machine soldering os much more reliable as it minimizes the risk of stalling diodes.

Much attention should also be paid to the package software when selecting a screen. The most popular solutions are based on the LED Studio program. The second, much more professional, and only slightly more expensive solution is a DBStar XMPlayer program. Both systems allow for remote control of the screen functions via internet. They also allow for a simple way of creating and editing playlists of displayed advertising spots. The software is closely linked to the hardware and thus the functionality of the screen, which in case of the screens based on the DBStar system is significantly greater (plurality of configuration and control parameters, easy and quick configuration of cabinets, more precise interface manual, no interference).

As you can see, the decision regarding the purchace of a screen is not an easy one. When selecting the vendor, common sense should prevail. We should take into consideration the brand's realiability. While discussing the purchace, it is worth enquiring about the company's experience and history of operation. We ought to remember that there is always a reason for a low price and when buying a surprisingly cheap item, we usually pay for it twice.

Screens that we offer are based on U.S. AXT or CREE LEDs. Before introducing to the market, our screens undergo a series of tests aiming at the elimination of potential failure. Apart from each LED batch, we also examine the screen's resistance to shock and adverse weather conditions. Specially designed metal frame is suitable for mounting screens on both the roof, facade, or its suspension on the ramp.

The screen warranty is for 24 months and the service takes place entirely in Poland.In addition to the purchase of a screen each client receives service modules (the number depending on the size of the screen).