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Selection of energy-efficient LED

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Currently, the utility is used to light LEDs, which are a replacement for traditional lighting or świetlówkowego. The advantage of this type of LED lighting is a longer life and greater efficiency, and thus - saving. In addition to the leading LED manufacturers in the market are cheap alternatives to Chinese or Taiwanese production. Let us, therefore, whether the use of white LEDs of unknown origin provides the same efficiency and quality as the leading LED manufacturers such as Cree, Nichia.

When considering the purchase of LEDs for lighting should consider choosing a manufacturer of diodes. Thereby avoid the illusion of apparent cost savings and provide long-term satisfaction with the service. For this purpose, conduct a job analysis of the quality of these products. The main parameters in this comparative case will be the efficiency of LEDs, drop in light output, life, factor of putting color and UV radiation.

The efficiency of LEDs

It is one of the most important factors determining the efficiency of this type of lighting. The efficiency of the leading brands (Cree, Nichia, Citizen) is 4 to 6 times larger than the LEDs Chinese - more than 100 lm / W. Such a high efficiency LED provides us with the effect of high energy efficiency. Administered by the performance of Chinese manufacturers of LEDs is 20-30 lm, and thus in comparison with conventional fluorescent lamps do not give the effect of energy efficiency, which is by far the most important selection criterion.

Power Light

After about 1000 hours of use of Chinese low-quality LEDs can be seen even 75% drop in light output (usually about 30%). However, in the LEDs manufacturers Nichia Citizen or over the lifetime (after 100,000 hours of use), power reduction is only 10%. According to the latest Citizen test, the LED backlight 25 000 hours loses only 3% power.


Wiodoncych LED manufacturers are working to 100 000 hours, or about 11 years. China LED Manufacturers often do not provide the lifetime of their products, but in the process of using it was noted that the average life of the diode is less than 20 000 thousands of hours. Sometimes the parties are led to faulty construction, which burn out after a few days of use.

Coefficient color cast

This unit determines the extent to which light reflects light similar to sunlight. The higher the quality of light is closer to nature, and thus the ambient color rendition is more real. Coefficient of putting high-quality color LEDs ranges from 70 to 90, which is as close as possible to natural.

The cause of low efficiency and high failure rates of many LED products is also incorrect heat dissipation that results from the introduction of LEDs in standard halogen or fluorescent fixtures. As a result, the ambient temperature exceeds the allowable standard LEDs. Exceeding the limit values ​​in the environment causes the lights burning out very quickly - many times resulting in reduced lifetime of LEDs and in a very short period of time followed by a decrease brightness. This procedure explains both the lower production costs, so the final price of the product and somehow not very good final product.

Leading manufacturers of LEDs in bringing new products to market they must undergo repeated tests to ensure the highest quality lighting. Among others for this reason, the process of innovating is long. Meanwhile, Chinese producers submit their products to only the necessary tests, a further function of the tester meets the market. Therefore, when seeking to save energy and replacement costs we're thinking about replacing or choice of lighting, we can not rely on products of unknown origin, not only because investment will never return, but will still have to pay extra for it.