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Company Mission

Revolution-Tech is a company that boldly responds to the expectations of the XXI century. Having customer satisfaction and well-being as the key objective, we go out of our way to make sure that our products represent very high quality and wide field of application. At the same time we want to eliminate the old fashioned approach in this business by introducing innovative solutions based on LED technology, which guarantees maximum advantage of available lighting.

"Light that creates emotions."

As result of conducting extensive research and development, both in the field of technology and application, our products determine new standards. Compliance with such high expectations is possible thanks to the cooperation with the best polish technichans and the use of the latest electronic and information technologies. Turning towards the user, we consult a number of graphic designers, artists and interior design specilists. We are thus confident that the Revolution-Tech products can meet the expectations of the most demanding customers while providing an easy and intuitive operation.

We conduct training and presentations  about available technology, design and use of lighting, advertising and stage systems based on LED technology. We provide professional advice on the selection of technologies and solutions, and consult on installation and programming of lighting.