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Design department

The company needs to meet the lighting market, decided to open and run the new department involved with the design of lighting. Are performed in the offices of architectural ideas and investors who are increasingly starting to pay attention to all aspects of the industry included in the investment, while putting emphasis on aesthetics and the opportunities offered by the lighting technology.

Thanks to the involvement of highly qualified staff with knowledge and experience in lighting design, its dynamics and control systems, the company has a very good background in technology consulting and light illumination.

Design department is engaged in developing a comprehensive lighting designs, both external (static and dynamic illumination of buildings, parking areas, streets, parks, etc.) and indoor (offices, hotels, restaurants, clubs, conference rooms, apartments, halls etc). Projects can be based entirely on light LED or developed with standard light sources.

With a choice of advanced software design and computing, designers can develop a full package of project documentation for architectural firms and regulations. Programs and Relux Dialux, because among other things, they say, have virtually unlimited possibilities in the technique of light. Allow interior lighting design, taking into account natural lighting, and external. For the most demanding clients, we can prepare and present a visualization of the light distribution, which will take place in reality. Thus we have the opportunity to develop the assumptions of lighting already in the preliminary design phase. What is now also very important for our customers and investors, is the fact that our designers are not limited to use in their work products of one manufacturer, but can take advantage of the database producers around the world.

In the area of ​​design, with extensive knowledge and close collaboration with the technology department, we have the ability to complete even the most ambitious visions and ideas of its customers. The only limitation is your imagination.