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History and activities

Revolution-Tech is a brand that appeared on the Polish lighting market in 2004. In the first phase of its development, the company decided to focus on stage and club lighting, arranging and performing lighting installations in respected clubs arround Poland.

Among the products that were then released to the market, special recognition was received by the semiconductor laser projectors, based on an engine control called CREATION and developed by the Revolution-Tech technical department. These projectors being the first devices with such use, in a short time set new and previously unattainable standards. For the first time the possibilities of lasers supported by a DMX protocol, matched the possibilities of gas laser projectors operated with complex computer applications.

This knowledge and experience in advanced control over lighting, proved to be decisive factors that influenced the further development of the company. In 2005, the Revolution-Tech first introduced to its portfolio products based on LED, and it immediately begins work focused on the new technology. After nearly a year of intensive work, involving engineers, graphic designers and artists of light, the revolutionary NEUTURION technology is presented. A new universal system is being created opening new opportunities for architectural, advertising, stage, and decorative lighting design as well as for building and fountain illumination. It is a tool that allows the creation of light and its dynamics in the easier and more intuitive way.
In parallel with work on Neuturion technology, the company gradually expanded its range of new LED products, which launch on the market was always preceded by a series of quality and relevance tests.

Today, the Revolution-Tech is one of the largest distributors of LED lighting in the Polish market. Manufacturer of advanced hardware and software solutions in the field of LED lighting control media. The company employs experienced engineering staff, is characterized by broad technical background and knowledge necessary to implement advanced lighting projects, development and implement innovative technological solutions in order to help maximize the potential of the lighting industry and allow its control.

In 2009 the business was extended by a design department. The tasks of the new company department, is professional design of lighting in public buildings.