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Products distributed by thematic area of ​​their applications in architecture, interior architecture and external illumination. A wide range of products based on both the SMD LEDs (strips, bars, modules, tubes) and high power illuminators lighting products such as architectural, accent lighting, downlighty, LED lamps, etc. based on CREE LED companies, CITIZEN, Nichia and Edison.

Presented here was a rich offer of products used in advertising light - LED modules and LED strips to illuminate the advertising space, waterproof strip (to light the banner), illuminators architectural doświetlacze, neon and LED lamps LED. The products are based on the world's leading LED manufacturers.

Products in this section are divided according to their use in clubs, on stage, as well as various events. Can be found here projectors and laser diodes, LED lighting (LED modules to the installation of internal and external, waterproof and flexible LED strips, LED strips, and the neon lights and illuminators), moving heads and scanners, LED effects, DMX and LED drivers.

Popular products

Popular products divided by the thematic groups.