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Trinity Spot
14W RGB moving LED head

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Trinity Spot

14W RGB moving LED head

Trinity is an excellent combination of modern LED technology possibilities with the advantages of a moving head. The light source here is a high-quality 14W LED, which is comparable with the power of a 150W discharge lamp. Construction of the LED is based on the RGB 3in1 structure, so that Trinity can obtain a full 24 bit color palette.

Compared with traditional heads Trinity is characterized by a very small size and low weight (3.5 KG), which is directly connected with the speed of its operation and seamless assembly. Lack of necessity to use advanced optics or timing belts that assist the head movement and the minimum emissions of heat, allowed to obtain a product of a very low unreliability.

Trinity is available to work in an automatic and an audio mode. Both of these modes allow to connect devices in a master/slave standard and their synchronous operation.

In the mode of control under the DMX-512 driver the Trinity, apart from basic functions typical for moveable heads, offers the user the ability to set any RGB color palette and an electronic dimmer 0-100%.

The head is offered in spot and wash types. The spot version is equipped with 10 gobo patterns.

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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Trinity Spot
1 265,00 zł/szt.

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1 265,00


1 265,00


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Product files

Trinity Spot - Data Sheet
Trinity Spot
Data Sheet
Trinity Spot 1 (HQ)
25.68 MB
Trinity Spot 1 (LQ)
12.95 MB
Trinity Spot 2 (HQ)
12.86 MB
Trinity Spot 2 (LQ)
6.52 MB

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