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ECO LED Controller
LED lighting driver, 3x3A, EIB support

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ECO LED Controller

LED lighting driver, 3x3A, EIB support

ECO LED Controller is a three-channel dimmer designed to control LED (RGB LED strips, LED modules, etc.). Operation of the device can be fully controlled via DMX-512 console or the infrared remote control. With additional inputs to the controller can be connected to two buttons. One of them is responsible for switching and dimming lights, and the second - for a change in color (programs). The device has a function to remember the last settings in case of power failure. Master / slave mode allows you to synchronize multiple controllers. High resolution PWM - 12-bit and introduced a number of algorithms allows for very smooth color changes, unusual at the 8-bit resolution PWM. Built-in circuit protection to protect the driver and the installation of LED from damage.

Controlled by remote control

With the optional infrared pilot can complete control of all functions of the controller. Controlled via an external infrared receiver (available optionally).

Synchronization of multiple controllers

The timing mode consists of many drivers that call the program into the first controller, and further connected by cable DMX controllers are identical to the first.

Technical parameters

  • protection against reverse polarity power supply
  • DMX line surge protection and access switches
  • short-circuit protection for outputs
  • Indication of short circuit
  • accurate transmission of DMX signal
  • system for smoothing transitions between colors, with control of the DMX
  • shake leveling systems: PAL and NTSC
  • Dimming characteristics matched to the human eye
  • recent memory settings on power failure
  • possibility of using the controller as a single-channel dimmer (one button control from example : Doorbell button.)
  • easy integration of "intelligent" systems (EIB, etc.)


Voltage 8-15 V
Current DC
Intensity 15 A
Number of outputs / channels 3
Maximum load channel 5 A
Type of signal PWM 300Hz
Color resolution 12 bit per channel
Programs stored Programs available in the factory. 24
Control DMX / IR / switch roletowy
Work modes Stand-alone / DMX / group
No. of DMX channels 7
NEUTURION Protocol not
Group work / group synchronization yes
Color sets RGB / self
White balance control not
Programmable not
Self PWM array not
Housing Plastics
Net dimensions 8.8 / 6.8 / 2.5 cm
Gross dimension 10.5 / 9.0 / 4.8 cm
Net weight 0.07 kg
Gross weight 0.1 kg
Warranty 36 mths

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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ECO LED Controller
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ECO LED Controller
Data Sheet
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