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120 cm LED fluorescent lamp
120 cm LED fluorescent lamp, 342 diodes

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120 cm LED fluorescent lamp

120 cm LED fluorescent lamp, 342 diodes

An alternative for traditional fluorescent lamps or a product, in which highly efficient LEDs are used as a source of light. The main advantages of LED fluorescent lamps are: lifetime (up to 50,000 hours), low energy consumption, high reliability, minimal heat emission and the lack of glimmering (constant lighting). The product is available in 60cm and 120cm versions. Available colors are cold and warm white. The lamp is directly plugged to 230V (without the elements required in traditional neon lamps).



LED qantity 280 pc
The average lifetime of LEDs 50,000 h
Shank T10
Housing Plastic
Equivalent Equivalent to a standard source of light with comparable power light. Fluorescent 36W
Net dimensions 121.4 / 3.0 / 3.0 cm
Net weight 0.3 kg
Gross weight 0.6 kg
Warranty 24 mths
Voltage24 V24 V
Current AC - AC DC - permanentAC AC
Power consumption18 W18 W
Luminous flux1,100 lm1,200 lm
Light angle180 °180 °
Color temperature4,000 K6,500 K

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120 cm LED fluorescent lamp
60,00 zł/szt.

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Ceny poszczególnych kolorów


Warm White


Cool White

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120 cm LED fluorescent lamp - Data Sheet
120 cm LED fluorescent lamp
Data Sheet
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