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24W RGB Underwater WashLight
IP68 3in1 CREE 8x3W RGB LED

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24W RGB Underwater WashLight

IP68 3in1 CREE 8x3W RGB LED

24W RGB Underwater Washlight is a product belonging to the family of luminaires dedicated exclusively to the illumination of swimming pools, fountains and ponds. The high degree of IP68 protection enables the assembly at a depth of one meter, and guarantees full protection against water. Binding is based on U.S. CREE diodes which are a guarantee of high quality product and a lifetime of 100 000 hours. 3in1 RGB LED Structure and their high power and high intensity of the aggregate provide a smooth blending of light and color in order to obtain 16mln tones. In addition, a wide viewing angle makes the emitted flash of light spread evenly.

The big advantage of the 24W RGB underwater Washlight is provided by its prestigious  stainless steel design. Its flat design improves the lamp's perfect adhesion to the bottom of the pool wall while the specially prepared mounting holes definitely facilitate its installation.

The set contains a connector for improved voltage lighting located under water.

Standard product available in the RGB version with an angle of 90 degrees. Monochrome versions and a different angle (from 5 to 120 degrees) are available on individual orders.


LED qantity 8 pc
LED type 3W RGB 3in1
LED manufacturer / country CREE / US
Lens type Standard
The average lifetime of LEDs 100,000 h
The length of connectors / linking cable W przypadku dwóch konektorów długość każdego z osobna. 100 cm
Waterproof yes
IP protection IP65 – produkt wodoodporny do zastosowań zewnętrznych
IP67-68 – produkt wodoszczelny, możliwe zanurzenie IP68
Housing Stainless steel
Net dimensions 12.5 / 12.5 / 2.0 cm
Gross weight 0.65 kg
Net weight 0.5 kg
Warranty 24 mths
Voltage24 V24 V24 V24 V
Current AC - AC DC - permanentDC DC DC DC
Intensity0.22 A0.37 A0.35 A0,94 A
Power consumption5.28 W8.88 W8.4 W22,56 W
Luminous flux384 lm560 lm176 lm1120 lm
Light angle90 °90 °90 °90 °

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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24W RGB Underwater WashLight

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24W RGB Underwater WashLight - Data Sheet
24W RGB Underwater WashLight
Data Sheet

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