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Gas Station 65W LED Light
Gas station lighting,15x3W CITIZEN LED

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Gas Station 65W LED Light

Gas station lighting,15x3W CITIZEN LED

Binding dedicated for use at petrol stations. Diodes based on Japanese Citizen, whose total output is 45W or 90W depending on the model. Specially designed lenses, in which the binding is equipped ensure uniform distribution of light. Due to their small energy intake the binding may form part of the solar system, which significantly reduces energy costs.


Implemented technological innovation:

  • PowerSave - Reduction of energy consumption by 50-70% compared to conventional lamps, several times longer lifespan and lack of harmful compounds, make the product completely environment friendly.
  • Sunlight - a high rate of CRI amounting to 70 provides the quality of light and color comparable to the natural sunlight. (To compare, this ratio for sodium lamps is only 20%).
  • PROCooling - patented system of heat dissipation which limits its emissions to a minimum and optimizes the operating parameters of diodes providing them with maximum battery life.
  • CoolShell - aluminum overlay located on the radiator protecting the lamp against the accumulation of leaves and other soiling while providing adequate ventilation.
  • PROLens - asymmetric LED Japanese CITIZEN LEDs, pressure pressed lens and ceramic reflectors allow for optimum light distribution and minimize its losses.
  • OneLED - a solution whereby the failure of a single diode in no way affects the remaining diodes or their lifetime.
  • Quick Assembly - modular construction allows for easy replacement of each element independently.
  • Soft Top - the system responsible for the smooth brightening of lights within 30 seconds after its launch. This solution was implemented for the safety of road users.
  • Ecologic - the system reducing the lamp's light power by 50% after a certain number of hours of enrollment/ A feature that leads to additional energy saving is turned on, depending on the destination of the lighthouse (eg, parking areas and yards).

4 years warranty - lamp is covered with a four-year warranty period.


LED qantity 15 pc
LED manufacturer / country CITIZEN / Japan
The average lifetime of LEDs 100,000 h
LED type 3W
Housing Aluminum + PVC
Net dimensions 40.2 / 40.2 / 10.3 cm
Net weight 7.3 kg
Warranty 48 mths
Voltage230 V230 V
Current AC - AC DC - permanentAC AC
Power consumption60 W60 W
Luminous flux5,100 lm3,600 lm
Light angle130 / 80 °130 / 80 °
Color temperature5,000 K6,300 K
CRI Coefficient color cast70 70

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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Gas Station 65W LED Light
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Gas Station 65W LED Light - Data Sheet
Gas Station 65W LED Light
Data Sheet
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