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Light Magic
DMX driver

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Light Magic

DMX driver

Designed by the best Polish programmers and technicians, based on many years of experience and testing, the Light Magic driver is an innovative solution for controlling devices operating in the DMX-512 standard. Dedicated mainly to music clubs and to control advertising architectural lighting, the driver gives you tremendous opportunities for creating even very complex and dynamic lighting sequences.

Light Magic consists of software designed for computers with Microsoft Windows 98/XP operating systems and a hardware interface. The external unit has implemented advanced, extremely fast hardware algorithms, which is unique among this group of devices. This arrangement ensures a fully stable hardware operation, full DMC protocol compatibility, maximum efficiency and no delays. In addition, the interface has an internal memory, where using a USB port, pre-prepared lighting controlling programs can be saved. The interface can then work as an independent controller and the selection of recorded programs is available directly from the control panel. This makes Light Magic ideally suited for architectural lighting and dynamic advertising lighting. Internal programs are of particular important in the event of operating system or controlling computer failure, ensuring an uninterrupted illumination.

The structure of the Light Magic program provides intuitive operation with a simultaneous multitude of functions. The control panel has been developed with particular emphasis on features allowing for creative handling of lighting in music clubs. All the tools needed for work with lighting are prepared to be handled efficiently using touch screens, which, combined with the functionality of the program allow to obtain unprecedented dynamics and interactions of lighting.

Appplication technical parameters:

  • number of channels - 512
  • number of scenes in a sequence - 255
  • number of sequences - unlimited
  • CUE number - unlimited
  • minimum scene time - 0.05s
  • maximum scene time - 50 minutes
  • preset time resolution - 0.05s
  • maximum number of simultaneously running sequences - 10
  • smooth change in selected sequences
  • synchronization with music selected by a sequence via a built-in microphone or audio signal connected to a Jack socket in the interface
  • Pan / Tilt 8 or 16 bit
  • undemanding PC hardware requirements (Pentium 400 recommended)

Interface technical parameters:

  • number of DMX lines - 2
  • power consumption - 3.6 VA
  • voltage - 9V AC 400mA
  • USB - 1.1 or 2.0
  • audio signal - 0.775V
  • audio socket - jack stereon 6.3mm
  • automatically adjusted sensitivity of the built-in microphone and audio socket
  • optimum DMX protocol ensuring proper hardware operation
  • no connection with application signalling
  • signal and power indicators
  • audio and DMX
  • electrical safeguard of the DMX line
  • available for application upgrade

Interface capabilities in stand-alone mode:

  • number of DMX channels - 512
  • maximum number of scenes in a sequence - 255
  • maxinum number of sequences - 255
  • maximum CUE number - 128
  • number of simultaneously running sequences - 10
  • scene time - 0.05s to 50 min
  • Pan / Tilt 8 or 16 bit
  • synchronization with music

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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Light Magic
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