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Aurora Little RGB
220mW, 650nm / 532nm / 473nm

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Aurora Little RGB

220mW, 650nm / 532nm / 473nm

Aurora RGB is a series of advanced laser projectors, which are characterized by the possibility of projection in 7 extremely clear colors. Similarly to the Volcano and Thunder PRO series, the CREATION V1 control engine is reponsible for the work mode under the DMX driver. The engine maximizes the possibility of controling a laser to control using a traditional lighting console allowing the most complicated transformation to be obtained very intuitively. In addition, for an even greater ease of work, the laser can automatically change the color of the projection every few bits.
The number of animation that can be displayed by the laser is not meaningless. Thanks to numerous fundamental pattern transition opportunities, several thousand different combinations can be obtained. 30 thousand points per second scanners are reponsible for their smooth display.

Apart form the DMX driver work mode, the Aurora can also work in a very advanced automatic mode. In this mode, the laser does not require any control apart from a proper setting of the microphone sensitivity. The change of displayed animatios take place cyclicall, and the speed of animation is decided upon the speed of the music bit.

When using an optional interface, compatible with an ILDA standard, the Aurora also offers a computer software work mode. This allows the user to create independent animations, subtitles or to use the laser for marketing purposes through the display of a previously designed logo.

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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Aurora Little RGB

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Aurora Little RGB
Data Sheet
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