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Odyssey 400G PRO Blue
400mW blue laser disco

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Odyssey 400G PRO Blue

400mW blue laser disco

Laser projector, which uses a blue laser diode built based on the latest technology in production techniques to achieve półprzewodników.Najnowsze permitted the creation of a semiconductor laser that emits blue color, without the need for advanced optical components. The result has allowed many to reduce the size of the device while increasing the power, stability and reliability.

Odyssey is a new series of laser projectors is a continuation and expansion for this very proven in the Polish market Thunder Pro Series and X-Field. Based on the created by the Revolution-Tech Advanced Engine Control v3 CREATION, offers great opportunities for an individual user to configure and prepare the lighting sequence.

The new version allows you to handle CREATION device with three different levels: DMX mode, atomatycznego mode and using the remote control. From the DMX mode, the device operation is done with 17 channels giving you the opportunity to select one of the 80 available animation, which you can apply additional effects such as strobe, and zoom.

In addition, the laser is equipped with an advanced mode autdio (AdvAudio) in which the change display animation, their speed and movement is dependent on the bit of music. This mode is only required to correctly set the microphone sensitivity and the laser itself enumerates all the information he needed.

The Odyssey was also optimized the code for the new faster processor and introduces a number of optimizations, which, combined with faster scanners (speed to 20.000kpps - points per second) allowed to obtain a high framerate.

An extremely important issue is the use of laboratory laser diodes, characterized by very high stability and durability of up to 10,000 hours. Lasers are manufactured according to stringent standards ILDA standard both in terms of security and functionality.


Voltage 230 V
Current AC - AC DC - DC AC
Power consumption 13 W
Moc diody niebieskiej 400 mW
The average lifetime of LEDs 10,000 h
Work modes DMX / Sound / auto / group (master-slave)
ILDA Port Optional
No. of DMX channels 17
No. of patterns and animations 80
Mechanics Scanners 20kpps
Cooling TEC - Electronic temperature control system TEC
Housing aluminum
Net dimensions 19.0 / 19.0 / 12.0 cm
Gross dimension 25.0 / 22.0 / 16.0 cm
Net weight 1.5 kg
Gross weight 1.9 kg
Warranty The warranty on the LED is 12 months. 24 mths

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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Odyssey 400G PRO Blue
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Odyssey 400G PRO Blue - Data Sheet
Odyssey 400G PRO Blue
Data Sheet
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