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Stadium LED display P16
Modular stadium LED display. Pitch 16

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Stadium LED display P16

Modular stadium LED display. Pitch 16

LED video displays – are a well established product used in multimedia stage illumination or as a modern marketing tool. Due to its great resistance towards unfavorable atmospheric conditions, rare failure and long term operation as well as extraordinarily strong luminance, these displays can be easily fixed to the building facades and may be used to display advertisements. They often fulfill a decorative lighting function  and are ideally suited as elements featuring unique design of any club or stage. LS series is based on the highest quality American CREE and AXT diodes, which provide high brightness, white balance and faultless operation.

The Revolution-Tech set consists of  a license for advanced Revolution-Tech Screen Show displays operation software.

Our offer:

  • Front support outdoor displays available in 10 - 25mm pixel pitch with full front support (max. height 1,6m) - can be hung in front of a building facade at a few centimeter distance from the wall
  • Rear support displays available in 10- 25mm  pixel pitch – the construction requires 45cm access to the rear part of the display
  • Outdoor mesh displays available in 20 - 37,5mm  pixel pitch – light weight design allows quick and easy installation
  • Indoor cabinet displays available in 4 - 16mm pixel pitch
  • Stadium LED displays available in 16 - 20mm pixel pitch
  • CityBoard available in 6mm pixel pitch – independent information and advertising displays in safe casing



Voltage 230 V
Current AC
The average power consumption 460 W
Maximum power consumption 1,150 W
Pitch 16 mm
Minimum video distance The minimum recommended distance from which the screen should be viewed. 10 m
LED manufacturer / country CREE/USA AXT/USA
The average lifetime of LEDs 100,000 h
Light angle Width / Height 110/45 °
Waterproof yes
IP protection IP65 - water resistant product for outdoor use IP67-68 - the product waterproof, you can immerse IP65
Work temperature -40/+60 °C
Housing plastic + metal
Cabinet/module resolution 80x56 px
Net dimensions The dimensions of a single kabinetu / module. 128.0 / 89.6 / 16.0 cm
Net weight Weight single kabinetu / module. 78 kg
Warranty 24 mths
Parameters for 1 cabinet / module.

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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Stadium LED display P16
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Stadium LED display P16 - Data Sheet
Stadium LED display P16
Data Sheet
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