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Digital LED tube
100cm digital LED tube

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Digital LED tube

100cm digital LED tube

Digital LED tubes is a particularly interesting offer for clubs and companies specialising in architectural lighting industry or advertising. Thanks to a very long lifetime (up to 100000 hours), a minimal energy consumption, high resistance to dust and weather conditions and unusually expressive colors, the LED lighting successfully displaces traditional neons.

At the segment of one metre 144 LEDs are divided into 8 animation sections (8 independent fragments, each of which can have a distinct color i.e. tube's graphic resolution).

The tube is controlled using a special driver, which can be connected to the standard DMX-512 controller. The driver gives the possibility to change the program (29 are available) and the speed of animation. The tubes are directly connected to 220V voltage and hence do not require any additional elements, such as transformer. This solution greatly facilitates the assembly and lowers unreliability.

Another advantage is the presence of aluminum assembly rail, which further protects the electronic elements. The kit inlcudes elements that facilitate a rapid assembly on the wall.

Thanks to numerous tests, which are carried out in the pre-production phase, we can ensure that all the tubes are constructed on the basis of the highest quality LEDs.

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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Digital LED tube
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349,00 zł/szt.

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Digital LED tube - Data Sheet
Digital LED tube
Data Sheet

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