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Flexible LED neon
Flexible plain 230V LED Neon

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Flexible LED neon

Flexible plain 230V LED Neon

A flexible neon is mainly addressed to companies specialising in the advertising lighting industry or architectural illumination. However, given the fantastic properties of this type of lighting, its use can be much broader e.g. clubs, discos, bars, restaurants, shops, etc.

With advantages such as low power consumption (4.4 W/m), highly expressive colors, resistance to dust and weather conditions, and above all, flexibility and durability of the material (rubber), the flexible neon's functionality exceeds that of traditional glass neons.

Due to the lifetime, which is up to 100 000 hours (over 11 years of continuous lighting) it is ideally suited for use in places that are hard to reach. A high degree of flexibility and ease of assembly allows an independent creation of any shape.

Ideal for use in discos and to display arcs, the outlines of circles and triangles ... Connected to a dimmer it works the same way as a traditional glass neon with a dimmer.


No. of LEDs per meter 80 pc
Cutting length 100 cm
Maximum length of the section/module 50 m
The average lifetime of LEDs 100,000 h
Waterproof yes
IP protection IP65-66 – produkt wodoodporny do zastosowań zewnętrznych.
IP67-68 – produkt wodoszczelny, możliwe zanurzenie. IP65
Housing PVC
Unit sales meters
Net dimensions Dla paska wymiar pojedynczej sekcji.
Dla modułów wysokiej mocy wymiar pojedynczego punktu. 100.0 / 1.5 / 2.5 cm
Net weight 0.5 kg
Gross weight 0.5 kg
Voltage230 V230 V230 V230 V230 V230 V
Current AC - AC DC - permanentAC AC AC AC AC AC
Intensity0.022 A0.026 A0.025 A0.027 A0.017 A0.022 A
Power consumption5.1 W6 W5.7 W6.2 W3.9 W5.1 W
Color temperature6,500 K
Parameters for1 meter.

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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Flexible LED neon
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85,00 - 95,00 zł/szt.

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Flexible LED neon - Data Sheet
Flexible LED neon
Data Sheet
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