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LED Wall Washer 18x1W RGB CREE
Architectural RGB washer

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LED Wall Washer 18x1W RGB CREE

Architectural RGB washer

RGB LED Wall Washer is aproduct mainly dedicated for architectural applications. Equipped with 18 red, green and blue 1W LEDs. Application of advanced optics and frost-type lenses ensures full color mixing at even a few centimeters and intense wall illumination at a distance of several meters. Thanks to such merits as very low unreliabiliy, minimum consumption of energy and lifetime of up to 50000 hours, the product is very often used to create light illumination of buildings or decorative illumination of the interiors. In conjunction with the possibilities of the Neuturion LED controller, this product gives us great freedom to create dynamic and modern illuminations of architecture.

 High-quality American CREE LEDs esure failure-free operation and high brightness of the product.


LED qantity 6XR + 6xG + 6xB = 18 pc
LED type 1W
LED manufacturer / country CREE / US
Lens type frost
The average lifetime of LEDs 50,000 h
The length of connectors / linking cable W przypadku dwóch konektorów długość każdego z osobna. 34.0 + 34.0 cm
The maximum number of units in line 10 pc
Waterproof yes
IP protection IP65 – produkt wodoodporny do zastosowań zewnętrznych
IP67-68 – produkt wodoszczelny, możliwe zanurzenie IP65
Housing Aluminum
Net dimensions 60.0 / 4.5 / 3.0 cm
Gross weight 1.6 kg
Net weight 1.4 kg
Warranty 24 mths
Voltage24 V24 V24 V24 V
Current AC - AC DC - permanentDC DC DC DC
Intensity0.23 A0.31 A0.31 A0,85 A
Power consumption5.5 W7.4 W7.4 W20,3 W
Luminous flux288 lm420 lm132 lm840 lm
Light angle15 °15 °15 °15 °

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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LED Wall Washer 18x1W RGB CREE
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LED Wall Washer 18x1W RGB CREE - Data Sheet
LED Wall Washer 18x1W RGB CREE
Data Sheet


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