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3in1 RGB LED strip, 15 diod/0.5m

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3in1 RGB LED strip, 15 diod/0.5m

The system specifically designed for stretch ceiling light DPS, where the main emphasis is on convenience, reliability and reduce installation time. Based on the rigid LED strip, which ended connectors allow for quick installation without having to solder the components and ensure that all electrical connections.

Strips have been based on providing high-quality LED lights and high efficiency under light imperceptible decline over time. Additional protective coating allows the use of strips in areas with higher humidity, which can include swimming pools and bathrooms.

Installation can take place using double-sided adhesive tape, located on the underside of the bar, or using screws.

RGB strip along with the driver Neuturion LED allows for 24-bit palette of colors (16.8 million colors).


Number of LEDs in section / module 15 pc
The length of connectors / linking cable W przypadku konektorów długość każdego z osobna. 7 +7 cm
The maximum number of units in line 10 pc
LED type SMD
The average lifetime of LEDs 50,000 h
Waterproof not
Unit sales art
Net dimensions Dla paska wymiar pojedynczej sekcji.
Dla modułów wysokiej mocy wymiar pojedynczego punktu. 50,0 / 1,0 / 0,4 cm
Net weight 0.02 kg
Gross weight 0.03 kg
Warranty 24 mths
Voltage12 V12 V12 V12 V
Current AC - AC DC - permanentDC DC DC DC
Intensity0.09 A0.08 A0.08 A0,25 A
Power consumption1.08 W0.96 W0.96 W3 W
Luminous flux38 lm62 lm25 lm125 lm
Light angle140 °140 °140 °140 °

Prices do not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of Polish Law.

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