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Hall's occasional Protos in Knurów

Data realizacji: 07.09.2009

"The customer is the most important" - and how can you please everyone? You have to build one thousand rooms, and maybe one room with a thousand possibilities - see if it worked.

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Room for each event! This light determines how a room will look like.

Wedding, Communion, family celebration in white gold or blue it can do everything this one room. Colors can be solid, varied sailing along the hall and run down from the ceiling.

And how about the lighting effects for the introduction of the cake, or when greeting the new year? What you wish for your add-ons? White tablecloths, blue napkins and the ceiling is white and blue pillars? Conference - the most yet I did not mention the room has a sound system hidden multimedia projector screen that can show you the best events and young childhood. That's what gives us the possibility of technology! Give them to our customers and let's better than the competition!

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