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Dział: Architecture Advertising Stage
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APP Service Piotr Penar
Ignacego Łukasiewicza 110A
38-400 Krosno

Tel. +48134924144

Fax. +48134924141

Realisations APP Service Piotr Penar
Wedding Hall G-Kartering

Wedding Hall G-Kartering

Data realizacji: 04.06.2011

Light as a decorative room.

In the hall catering company used the G-LED RGB lighting in conjunction with the engraved surface treating the ceiling as a decorative element. Change the color of color, light intensity causes the lighting to match charkteru events or are currently being used. LED lighting is a decorative element but also the light for the conference, projections or other events at this hall. ...

Outdoor Lighting G-catering

Data realizacji: 09.10.2009

External lighting of the building especially at night becomes an important element of its architecture. Is to emphasize the character of the building, its shape to show him leaving in the background of other buildings. Building G-catering is the best proof of how this can be done simply and inexpensively.

Zhuma Prestige Club

Data realizacji: 07.09.2009

Zhuma Prestige Club is the ideal place for people who want to relax with a fine drink and taste a bit of gambling. This is the only place in Krosno, specially designed "from beginning to end" with a view even the most demanding gamers.

Hall's occasional Protos in Knurów

Data realizacji: 07.09.2009

"The customer is the most important" - and how can you please everyone? You have to build one thousand rooms, and maybe one room with a thousand possibilities - see if it worked.