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Club Farmacon in Sosnowiec

Data realizacji: 29.11.2008

Modernization of the dance floor and ambient lighting in the student club Farmacon in Sosnowiec.

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In order to increase the optical club dance floor to the ceiling LED modules have been installed in the form of rays. Each of the beams is connected to the controller so that the LED Neuturion are independently controlled separate DMX channels. In addition, installed the 4 moving head RGB LED Spot Trinity. Lighting has also been enhanced laser Firefly, Aurora Little RGB and Sparkle60 Green. The whole installation stage was connected to the controller LightMagic entered into the memory of programs that can be selected via buttons on the controller.

Additionally ceilings throughout the club have been highlighted elastic straps flexSMD RGB-30-WP-connected RGB LED drivers Neuturion combined group, so the club can be any color to create using the IR remote control.

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