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Cool de Sac

Data realizacji: 15.12.2007

Even from outside the Zamoyski palace in Warsaw makes a great impression. The beautiful building surrounded by a spacious courtyard, which can be reached only through a massive gate allow to draw freely upon imagination, moving us to the late nineteenth century. It is here in the heart of Warsaw where the club Cool de Sac is located.

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The club enjoys great popularity due to numerous attractions, which provides its guests a wide range of events and fabulous cuisine. These features make it easy you can meet people from politics, business and students. In addition to the traditional club events, in which the dominant music of the years 60'-90 'also hosts jazz evenings, political debates, conferences and training.

Before an extremely difficult task lighting so comprehensive technical group stood flat-Tech Revolution, which decided the whole system based on an innovative controller to operate the LED light called LED Neuturion.

Project Activities

Lighting to meet all the requirements of the club and allowed the creation of any interior light, the whole system was based on a wide range of LED products. The idea was to be split light into two zones - dance hall and surroundings, which included the long corridor, two bars and several rooms for the guests.

Control over the environment would be done from one place - the main bar and offer the possibility of a simple set of lighting a match under a plan the event. Such a solution for easy and intuitive operation, was possible only by using Neuturion LED controllers, working in a group and that synchronize with one another. All drivers can be controlled from any entity and each of them can display a completely different sequence of lighting on the program acting as a "media-server."

Ambient lighting

The first place through which guests entered the club a long corridor. On its walls are mounted decorative sconces and the ceiling is built in an arc. The idea of ​​lighting placed in the corridor was to be a smooth change of color and the ability to set any color of the backlight. For this purpose, the company has applied PartyTime Group modules-Tech Revolution alumFLUX-2x2 RGB, which were placed in kinkietach and LED strip-Tech Revolution FLUXbar-36 RGB, which illuminated the vault of the ceiling.

After passing through the corridor, we find the main bar. His lighting strips were used FLUXbar-36 RGB, which in combination with the stripFLUX-1x3 in the cold shade of white, make the bar looks very clean and inviting. In addition to alcohol have been addressed two doświetlacze LED Revolution-Tech Sirius 9W RGB lighting all lend a delicate dynamics. In order to emphasize the front, the wooden parts of the underside of the bar was illuminated modules-Tech Revolution stripFLUX-1x3 in warm white.

To illuminate the rooms used for guests doświetlaczy Revolution-Tech Sirius 9W RGB, whose task was to light the vaults and the modules in-Tech Revolution stripFLUX-1x3. Traditional lighting has been installed in kinkietach substitutes listed on the LEDs in red. In a particularly interesting way the company coped with high, decorative torches placed at the club. In order to create the dynamics of the light modules used in the HP-3X1W red and yellow, which are connected to the controller LED Neuturion asynchronous przygasały and brightened up giving the illusion of a burning flame inside. This type of lighting introduced at the club nice and warm climate.

Lighting dance hall

Dance hall is a room with a small volume and low ceiling, which had to meet the requirements appropriate for conferences, training, jazz evenings and events a typical club. Lights mounted on it also had to allow the free passage of the photo session. To this end, the stage was mounted six-Tech Revolution doświetlaczy Sirius 3W R / G / B, and three-Tech Revolution doświetlacze Sirius 9W RGB. Doświetlacze this type of sensational work well as stage lighting effects pedal or static lighting needed to illuminate the scene. The same doświetlacze have also been installed near the two wheels rotating mirror, so that even a slightly smoky room entirely filled with colorful streaks of light.

Due to the very low ceiling also decided to revive it by highlighting the ceiling slats FLUXbar-36 RGB, divided into sections which gave the room an additional dynamics.

Also presents an interesting wall positioned behind a DJ, on which are mounted LED light boxes visualization, which form the background for people on the scene.

For a complete whole, in a specially prepared cavity, was mounted laser-Tech Revolution Little Aurora RGB.

As the main driver for lighting the dance floor once again, the controller was used Light Magic, which in the simplest and intuitive way to allow for efficient luminescence and creating new programs.

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