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Gemini Park Bielsko-Biala

Data realizacji: 21.05.2009

Gemini Park Centre is the first of its kind in Poland, created in the first half of 2009 in Bielsko-Biala. In the gallery occupying 35 thousand square meters there are more than 90 shops and restaurants and Cinema City.

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With a superb location of the object itself and the potential customer base of 440,000, the center has a modern lighting installation inside creating an amazing atmosphere. For the purpose of Revolution-Tech has provided a specially designed light of this type of fitting Wall Light RGB LED technology. Located a short distance from the ceiling and divided into independently operating sections, framing it in full light to. In order to emphasize the vertical pillars are mounted thereon doświetlacze Sirius RGB light distribution angle of 15 degrees. Additionally, the company has addressed the decorative illumination of cavities running along the corridor, at the cinema hall and the wheels are at the escalator. To obtain a smooth change of color was used elastic strap flsxSMD-30-WP-RGB.

Gemini Park Bielsko Biała - najlepsze centrum handlowe roku 2009

Intuitive operation of the installation of lighting for nearly 500 meters ensure Neuturion LED controllers combined into a group that mounted throughout the facility were more than 40 pieces. With advanced features driver was possible to give dynamic lighting effects and changes colors fly and control it with just two buttons or IR remote control.



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