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Imperium Club in Sosnowiec

Data realizacji: 14.04.2007

Starting a club business is a dream for many. It is however not that simple. It is the end of times where a little DJ box and a few lights would make a disco club - the customers are increasingly demanding, so it is very important to have the quality and appearance of the club in strict consideration.

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The Empire Club is located in Sosnowiec, Upper Silesia on the map of clubs has been around a long time. The overall specificity Club of Upper Silesia makes the clubs have to fight quite a bit about their regular customers. This area is characterized by a small amount of tourists, but it has to be known as the largest industrial and residential agglomerate. This puts the music clubs in a rather difficult situation. What do I do that the owner of the club enjoyed the existence of its pearls as long as possible? It must move with the times! Customers clubs are becoming increasingly demanding, and therefore the owner of the club has put on three very important factors. First of all - must enhance the appearance of the club after the installation of various types of stage lighting, changing scenery. Secondly - to adapt the sound to the club characteristics. And thirdly - to involve the manager, ie the same person responsible for organizing events.

Set design of the main stage

After several years of club owners, "Empire" have decided to rebuild and enhance the club's scenery, so that melted in the atmosphere of the music. The whole lighting sets the company has prepared a Katowice-Tech Revolution (stage technology department PartyTime Group), specializing not only in club projects and works, but also in the preparation of laser show. The whole project was based on light LEDs. But let's start with a description of the dance hall. The reconstruction consisted in changing the location of DJ-ki, preparation and installation of new platforms, emphasizing dance and the whole scenery. In such situations, LEDs light works best. With a minimum size and low heat emission by the LEDs can be mounted even in the most inaccessible places. The entire equipment room was expanded to six moving heads on the light bulb Profile250 MSD250. In preparing the contour parquet and stairs, and the effect of DJ front-ki uses 800 pieces of LED modules 3-LED red and blue (Revolution-Tech stripFLUX-1x3) based on the super bright LED FLUX. By dividing into groups and plugged in to the drivers-Tech Revolution Neuturion LED operating in DMX mode, all created a unique effect visualization LJ's attention by giving full freedom to control the individual sections. In addition, the side walls of DJ-ki have been highlighted arts modules 200 R \ G \ B (Revolution-Tech aluxFLUX-2x2 RGB), also wpiętymi to the controller, which allows you to give them any color, and strobe lighting. At the top of the side platforms located in the DJ-ce, and serving as a place for dancers, uses 12 pieces of LED modules based on LED 1 W (Revolution-Tech HP-3X1W). The two windows located in the parquet floor was prepared stroboscopes these LEDs built on about 21 pieces of LED modules (Revolution-Tech HP-3X1W) and controlled by Neuturion LED driver. The highlight of the decor DJ-ki tubes are placed over the position visualization DJ. They form the three screens totaling 6 m2, and consist of 93 digital tube LED video-Tech Revolution, plus on-line controller for direct control of the computer. Structures on which they were posted, giving the undulating shape of the screens. Control of moving heads, lasers, and the rest of the lighting is done using a lighting controller Light-Magic. The advantage of this driver is definitely very easy to use touch screen. With this solution has been ensured flexibility and dynamics in the control light. LJ has full control over the lighting and the possibility of transforming scenes in real time.

Club room and bar

Decor and lighting dance hall has been prepared under the specific kind of music, in particular - into electronic music. Otherwise, the matter is in the club room with bar. Arrangement of this space is maintained in the color of the club's main sponsor. Decor is very interesting bar. The interior of the bar gives the impression of red-hot furnace. To obtain this effect, used red and orange LEDs modules connected to the controller groups Revolution-Tech LED Neuturion stored in the memory sequence. All this is mounted behind the net and plexiglass. In the club room fitted with 13 strips LED Lightbar-Tech Revolution RGB controller connected to the Revolution-Tech LED Neuturion operating in stand-alone (here the sequence is entered into the memory controller). Used here are also to 36m of flexible LED strips with RGB LEDs flexSMD 3in1 used to create strokes and 55m of flexible strips of red LED (Revolution-Tech flexSMD-30). Total wpięto to three drivers Revolution-Tech LED Neuturion loaded into memory properly prepared sequences, so the room can watch the amazing play of light which correspond to the design of the main floor.


All equipment installed in the club, "Empire" may seem very complicated system. Number of the LED lamps and mounting can scare willing to use a similar idea. Nothing could be further from the truth. The whole is a relatively cheap option, but offer very interesting visual impression. Highlights of platforms, construction, etc. give each club an original character, and the additional effects of laser and traditional lighting moving heads in the form of PAR lamps and leave lasting feelings among customers.

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