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Paradise Cave

Data realizacji: 18.04.2011

Paradise Cave located in the Mountains is considered the most beautiful cave in Poland. It is also one of the biggest attractions of the region Mountains. Its name - Paradise is the opposite of a nearby previously discovered, a poor cave, called Hell. The richness and beauty the cave lies in the fact that it contains a variety of rock infiltration, unusual shapes formed by stalactites hanging from the ceiling, and growing from the bottom upwards stalagmites. Drapes on the walls of Paradise are also cave stalactites forming original designs. They do a great impression on visitors.

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Revolution-Tech received the task of modernizing the lighting and the choice of its parameters. One of the main factors determining the attractiveness of the cave, which allows you to show her the beauty hidden in the darkness is light. Its proper selection and appropriate deployment of single points of light can expose the most attractive forms and extract previously unnoticed corners. Mysterious interplay of light and shadows formed by the orientation of the lamps, adds a whole incredible climate, absorbing the visitors.

Incredibly rapid development of lighting techniques, which in recent years we have witnessed, very strongly associated with an increase in the possibility of lighting based on LEDs. It seems that the benefits associated with the use of new technologies, in the case of a cave, are indisputable. Long life (up to 100,000 hours), huge energy savings, reliability, minimal operating costs, color temperature and a high rate of putting color (parameters similar to daylight) and the small dimensions of the frames are just some of the advantages of LEDs. In the case of the cave an enormous role played by emissions of heat, which in the case of LED lighting is minimal, and the absence of UV and IR, which negatively affects the microclimate of the cave. In order to present the natural color of infiltrates is also an important part of putting a high ratio of colors (Ra) in a series of LEDs CREE XP-E.

Used light fixtures:

  • Highlighting the entrance corridor - Front-Tech Revolution lightbarSMD-O-30 Warm White - LED IP65Listwy encased in aluminum housing and protected against the effects of adverse conditions.

  • Illumination of pedestrian crossings - Pavement binding Revolution-Tech RT-09102 (Cool White - 6500K) - IP65Oprawy installed in sidewalks connecting the chambers. The color temperature was chosen so as to separate the colors from the cave man-made rugs. The illuminating power of 108lm provides a gentle twilight of the cave.

  • Highlighting forms of cave - Lotus-Tech Revolution 3W 4000K and the Revolution-Tech Sirius 9-watt 4000K - IP65Doświetlacze directional diodes based on CREE XP-E 4000K, with a capacity of ~ and ~ 3W 9W. The color temperature was chosen so as to faithfully reproduce the colors as a cave. The use of more low-power lighting resulted in intensification effect of depth and allowed to expose interesting forms stalactite.

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