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Wyzszy-Wymiar Bielsko

Data realizacji: 28.01.2006

Following the success of the Wyzszy Wymiar club in Katowice it has been decided to open its branch in Bielsko-Biala. The Revolution-Tech team was again asked to design the club's lighting.

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More than a year of cooperation with the Katowice club higher-dimension has resulted in the implementation of many amazing performances, each of which drew crowds of clubbers giving them an unforgettable experience. Information about the creation of another club met with great acclaim and interest.

The task placed before the Revolution-Tech was a big challenge. The cubic capacity of the club allowed to confine more than 2,500 people on two floors. The main floor with a length of 80m was meant to ensure an unforgettable visual experience and set new standards in lighting. The opening of the club was to be a modern spectacle. Work on the lighting lasted over a month. In addition to the traditional lighting club was equipped with a digital LED tube, 10 laser projectors in this latest product from the brand-Tech Revolution laser Thunder500 PRO Green and a number of decorative elements based on LEDs. Full control over the lighting driver assured Light Magic, by which handle such a large installation was very simple and intuitive.

With the opening of the Revolution-Tech prepared a special intro, which officially started the event and helped build the atmosphere around the event.

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