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Dział: Architecture Advertising Stage
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Katowicka 73
41-500 Chorzów

Tel. +48 32 750 1730, +48 667 100 777

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Dział sprzedaży: sprzedaz@revolution-tech.com
Inne: info@revolution-tech.com

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Realisations Revolution-Tech
Paradise Cave

Paradise Cave

Data realizacji: 18.04.2011

Paradise Cave located in the Mountains is considered the most beautiful cave in Poland. It is also one of the biggest attractions of the region Mountains. Its name - Paradise is the opposite of a nearby previously discovered, a poor cave, called Hell. The richness and beauty the cave lies in the fact that it contains a variety of rock infiltration, unusual shapes formed by stalactites hanging from the ceiling, and growing from the bottom upwards stalagmites. Drapes on the walls of Paradise are also cave stalactites forming original designs. They do a great impression on visitors.

Revolution-Tech received the task of modernizing the lighting and the choice of its parameters. One of the main factors determining the attractiveness of the cave, which allows you to show her the beauty hidden in the darkness is light. Its proper selection and appropriate deployment of single points of light can expose the most attractive forms and extract previously unnoticed corners. Mysterious interplay of light and shadows formed by the orientation of the lamps, adds a whole incredible climate, absorbing the visitors. Incredibly rapid development of lighting techniques, which in recent years we have witnessed, very strongly associated with an increase in the possibility of lighting based on LEDs. It seems that the benefits associated with the use of new technologies, in the case of a cave, are indisputable. Long life (up ...

Spatial-Tech Revolution logo

Data realizacji: 05.04.2010

Three-dimensional strand of DNA which is a sign-Tech Revolution brand made from polyester-glass composite.

Pub in the Old Post Office Hotel

Data realizacji: 02.04.2010

Department of Revolution-Tech has developed and executed a comprehensive lighting, sound and multimedia (projectors, LCD screens and a system for presentation) in a pub located in the Old Post Office Hotel in Tychy brewery.

Coffer advertising SENSEYE.EU

Data realizacji: 29.03.2010

Coffer illuminated digital advertising strip DotLine-32 connected to the LED driver Neuturion Digital.

Gemini Park Bielsko-Biala

Data realizacji: 21.05.2009

Gemini Park Centre is the first of its kind in Poland, created in the first half of 2009 in Bielsko-Biala. In the gallery occupying 35 thousand square meters there are more than 90 shops and restaurants and Cinema City.

Club Farmacon in Sosnowiec

Data realizacji: 29.11.2008

Modernization of the dance floor and ambient lighting in the student club Farmacon in Sosnowiec.

Cool de Sac

Data realizacji: 15.12.2007

Even from outside the Zamoyski palace in Warsaw makes a great impression. The beautiful building surrounded by a spacious courtyard, which can be reached only through a massive gate allow to draw freely upon imagination, moving us to the late nineteenth century. It is here in the heart of Warsaw where the club Cool de Sac is located.

LED lighting in the house

Data realizacji: 05.07.2007

The use of LED lighting in the apartment.

Imperium Club in Sosnowiec

Data realizacji: 14.04.2007

Starting a club business is a dream for many. It is however not that simple. It is the end of times where a little DJ box and a few lights would make a disco club - the customers are increasingly demanding, so it is very important to have the quality and appearance of the club in strict consideration.

Fun City - Silesia City Center

Data realizacji: 16.09.2006

Revolution-Tech has developed and provided lighting for the Fun City club at the Silesia City Center.

Wyzszy-Wymiar Bielsko

Data realizacji: 28.01.2006

Following the success of the Wyzszy Wymiar club in Katowice it has been decided to open its branch in Bielsko-Biala. The Revolution-Tech team was again asked to design the club's lighting.

Wyzszy-Wymiar Katowice - Laser Installation

Data realizacji: 22.04.2005

The biggest club lasershow in Poland.